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Lisa Perkins


I recently retired from my fulltime job to slow down, simplify my life and explore my creative potential as a craft artist. I spend most of my time and creative energy making greeting cards of which I don't think I'll ever run out of ideas.
I've always loved greeting cards. Before I started making them I
collected the mass produced store bought ones. Some I would send out to friends and family and some I would keep because I liked the design or subject. They truly are small works of art that I think are sometimes underappreciated.                              

In addition to making greeting cards I do other paper craft work,
altered art and decor. I sew and crochet. I've taught classes at a local sewing and craft shop in Cincinnati where I used to live.
I've had no formal training in craft arts or design but cannot say that I am an entirely self taught artist. I have had help along the way from other designers and artists both formal and informal who have not minded sharing their knowledge. I've learned from students who were there to learn from me and I ended up learning as much from them.

I love to learn new techniques, play, and experiment with different mediums. I love to explore thrift shops, antique malls, flea markets even hardware stores to find new and interesting things to incorporate into my art.

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