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Friday, July 8, 5:30 to 9:00

Open Door Gallery- Pat and Carie Arseneau
Wings ETC.- Scott Whitworth
Camburn's- Rhonda Peters
Fiebig's- Katharine Taylor
Craftman's Daughter- Lynn Kasey
Boost Mobile- James Foster
Sturgis Depot- Mary Davis and Larry Nern
Sturgis Chamber of Commerce- Lisa Perkins
York Mercantile- Richard Price
Boundary Waters Kitchen and Bar- Kitty Wilcox
Maximum Performance Chiropractic- Kathryn Barnes
Sweet Peaks- Deb Thenen
Lowry's- Marilyn Gabinski
From Moments to Milestones- Darlene Mowatt
Great Lakes- Barbette Myers and Patricia Schlup
Vogt's- Sharon Chupp
Zus and Zo- Pam Van Degrift
Jimi Jo's- Gudrun Wittgen-Gilbert

Bus Trip to Ann Arbor - Info
Tom Beldon poster

Tom Beldon Bio

Thomas Beldon began drawing with charcoals in Germany in 1958, while a student in the College of Philosophy at Heidelberg University.  During that time, his oil painting “Fulda Gap Armageddon” won top award in a city-sponsored art contest.  Returning to the US,  he earned a BA degree from the University of Maryland, then a MA degree in Journalism from the University of Wisconsin.  He enrolled in several art electives as an undergraduate, “as a good way to stay loose.”
Now, a sometimes fiction writer, Beldon occasionally sketches illustrations for his science fiction or ghost story scenes.  Wrecking both the German and English languages, he calls those pastels “Spukart.”  (Spooky art”).  He views those drawings as a search for the mysterious side of everyday life.
“…Not gore.  Not Terror.  No bloody chair saws.  I’m trying for a ghost-story scary.  Material M.R. James or H.P. Lovecraft might like.  I’d enjoy illustrating Edgar Allen Poe stories, or interpreting WUTHERING HEIGHTS with lots of bruised-purple clouds, full moons. And deep-forest shadows.  Give me a dark and stormy night and I’m happy.”
When not scaring himself witless with his “Spukart”, Beldon likes to landscape painting.  He enjoys Michigan’s seasons en plein air, often from the tailgate of his pickup truck.  White Pigeon is among his favorite subjects.
Beldon is a retired U.S. Marine (Two combat tours in Vietnam, the first as an infantry platoon leader, the second as a company commander.  During his second tour, he was a warded two Bronze Starts with combat V).
He is also a retired high school teacher (Muncie, IN.).
Thomas has a small studio near Klinger Lake where he says he”…live happily ever after,” gardening lovingly with his wife, Waltraud.

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Art Prize Bus Trip.   All had a great time and what started out rainy weather, ended with more rain and some hail. Most of us missed the bad weather being inside. Art work again great to see. Don't miss out next year!!!   


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