The purpose of the Guest Artist program is to enable artists who do not wish to become full member an opportunity to sell their work at the Open Door Gallery.

-- No annual membership dues are required.  No shift work is required.

-- There is a $30 nonrefundable fee due when the work is received.  The Gallery receives a 30 % commission on all sales.
-- The program runs for 3 month intervals.  To take full advantage of this program, work should be delivered to the Gallery one week before        beginning date.  Ideally, the 3 month interval would be as follows, ALTHOUGH an artist can begin the 3 months at any time: 
          Spring- March, April, May
          Summer- June, July, Aug.
          Fall- Aug, Sept, Oct.
          Christmas- Nov. Dec. Jan.

Artists may contract for multiple 3-month periods by contacting the Gallery and by sending the payment of $30 per each 3 month interval.

-- If you have not displayed work with the Gallery before, the work must be juried in through a web site presentation, member recommendation, or by bringing in work to be viewed. The quality of the work must be equal to that of the work currently shown at the Gallery.  The Gallery reserves the right to accept or reject any work. Work requiring wall space for hanging is  LIMITED TO 4 PIECES. The Gallery assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to any work. See RELEASE AND ACKNOWLEDGMENT FORM

-- Unsold work must be removed after the completion of the 3 month contract.  If work must be returned by mail, payment for shipment must be made prior to the return of work.  Unsold work must be removed from the Gallery within one month of the contracted 3 month period.  Work not removed within this time will become property of the Gallery.  Of course, the Gallery is willing to work with any artist with special circumstances.

-- Checks will be sent at regular Gallery intervals, once a month. If the amount of sales requires I.R.S. notification, then a Social Security number will be needed.

-- All work must be clearly labeled with the Gallery inventory system and priced. This would be starting with “X” and then your 3 name initials.  Then each piece is numbered.  Example- Kate Ann Benson=     XKAB-01

-- Please complete the information form and include it with your work.  Release forms and inventory sheets are available at the Gallery, attached to this message or may be mailed. If you have any questions, please contact the Gallery or Sarah Kalasky at 269-651-1650 (home),




ADDRESS _______________________________________________

Beginning Date ___________________________     
Ending Date______________________________
PHONE NUMBER _____________________________________
E-MAIL _________________________________________________________________
Fee $30  Paid____
3 inventory initials-    X
Example-  Kate Ann Benson’s first piece of work = XKAB-01

I agree to offer my work as a Guest Artist at the Open Door Gallery as specified in the guidelines.  I will remove my work promptly within one month of the end of this contract.

Signature ______________________________________

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